Friday, March 18, 2016

To my Narcissist Daughter... You MAY be able to fool some but you do not fool those who know you, those whom you have burned... and you will never fool me.... No one dares stand up to you but I can and I will... one day Hayley and Carson WILL find out the truth about you:

You are nothing but a selfish little narcissist... yeah... LOOK IT UP cuz it is YOU... YOU are a USER, A LIAR AND A THIEF. People reached out to help you when you have NO ONE ELSE because you burned all your bridges with other family members... I spent HOURS babysitting for you for NOTHING... You RIPPED OFF my then best friend and didn't pay her for babysitting for you... then lied to her and told her you didn't get paid and then bragged on FB about what you bought... you ripped off other babysitters like the ones in E Bremerton... NO wonder they didn't wanna baby sit for you... But I believed you that they flaked out on you... yeah... I know now that is not the truth... they got tired of babysitting for FREE.

YOU STOLE hundreds of dollars from people who LOANED you money and you were suppose to pay back... you STOLE jewelry that you were LOANED to pawn when you needed money... You STOLE $800 form one grandmother, and several hundred from another one... you STOLE money from me... you STOLE money from your SISTER by FRAUD... OVER $1000 on that one.

YOU put your YOUNG children at RISK by bringing guy after guy after guy to YOUR HOME and having them sleep in YOUR BED and EVEN WATCH your children for you... YEAH.. REAL SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. YOU F'd up your marriage and your daughter esp by having so many "daddies" come into her life and then leave because of YOUR inability to actually be a decent person... yeah.. so WHY didn't you get the bad vibes about those men you met ON LINE and subjected your young children to?????? I KNOW the things your daughter has shared with me and another person over the years of you letting men hop into your bed.
Then there was the MARRIED man, you know Justin, you had the affair with and got pregnant by, sorry you lost that baby, and his WIFE, you know April, was VERY happy about that one.... and the other men you LIED TO and TOLD them you were pregnant so you could TRY to hold on to... but that didn't work...

Then you lied about being pregnant and that you were gonna put your baby up for adoption... you had your own aunt, you know Sandy, and uncle wanting that baby and the youth pastor, you know Sarah, involved who had someone who wanted the baby... and I busted you when I saw your belly was too soft to actually have a baby in it... yeah... you lied to many with that one and got a few couples hopes up that they would finally have what they wanted... a baby to call their own.

and then there was the one you LIED to and LIED TO, EVERYONE on FB , all of your family, everyone in your life to that you were pregnant, because he had had enough of your bullshit... and then TRICKED him, you know John, into really getting you pregnant... and you lost your daughter and YOU GOT FOUND OUT... medical records do NOT LIE... the ultra sound records and her size gave it away... And you put that man through living hell while you were still pregnant..

But even when confronted BY ME in the hospital you said you didn't want to talk about it... but you had to deal with HIM... and I watched him hold his daughter and sob his heart out before his company commander came to the hospital and discovered the truth... but ALL you cared about was that they were not gonna give you the money you thought they were because YOU HAD LIED about how far along you were to EVERYONE... and he STILL sobbed over his daughter but he totally turned against you. No wonder you never let him go to the DR appts even when he took time off from work for it... no wonder you wouldn't let him go to ultrasound appts... because YOU KNEW you were living a LIE.

Yeah... it DID get you a husband... one you had not known very long... one whom from what I can tell IS a VERY good man... but I am sure he doesn't know everything about you... hell you LIED to him about having a drivers license until after he bought a car for you then you had to tell him the truth.. and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you have actually changed... MAYBE... but I kind of doubt you have changed all that much since you are the same judgmental, selfish person you have been since before you got married the first time and treated him like shit. AND you treat your current husband like shit, making fun of him and degrading him just because he doesn't measure up to YOUR standards with something as simple as spelling.

You treat your children like crap, they can't even play outside and get dirty like NORMAL kids do. You make them live in FILTH with GARBAGE all over the place... and IF your house is clean it is NOT because you clean it. Filthy, dirty, garbage... you should have had to face the consequences when CPS was called... but no, your little sister and I bailed you out every single time... mainly your little sister.

So yeah... you go ahead and judge someone for something they did as a TEENAGER, who has done nothing more since then... you go right ahead... and you judge me for posting this... and TRY to destroy me if you want... I do NOT care anymore... THIS is it. You can NOT manipulate and control me any more.. I OWE YOU NOTHING... you take and take and take and take and take... you ONLY care about YOURSELF. How about GIVING ME BACK MY RINGS so I can pawn them now???? How about paying your grandma's back the money you owe them??? How about you pay me back??? How about paying you sister back the money... and your dad the several hundred dollars he paid to keep your phone hooked up AFTER I paid SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars to keep it hooked up... IF you are so perfect now why don't you do that????

Edited to add... You did cut me out of your children's lives until after you sat in my room with your husband and one other sister and her husband and let me think that your oldest sister was responsible for something YOU did... and when I found out it was you and called you on it instead of owning it like a normal human would you decided then to cut me out of their lives.

See, I can tell the truth and I have NOTHING to hide... YOU already did all the damage to me that you could possibly do... there is NOTHING that the people who need to know do not know... NOTHING... so you can keep up the illusion that YOU are the victim all you want and that you are "protecting" your  children all you want... I have proof of everything I am saying... including texts from YOU after I confronted you about your actions that started the avalanche affect in my life... you never own anything but one day they WILL know the truth, I will make sure of it... and if I don't live that long they will still know as there are others who have all the info they need to expose the real you to them... and when Karma comes down on you don't be surprised... you would think that with almost dying you would have woken the hell up... but you see, Narcissists can't own up to their own shit and continue blaming every one else for what THEY have done.